Opposition Tolerance In Pakistan

Opposition always criticize Govt with no reason even though they starts fight with each other which is caused highly effected to people who voted to them.

Opposition is also representative of people instead of this they are fighting and blaming to eact other. wether Govt takes right steps or wrong step opposition is against it and criticize. It is harmfull for those person who voted to them.

Some Facts Of Environment Which Impacted All Over The World


Few years back Someone throw a shoes at the former president of America .President had elected president by the vote of people Whatever he was but he was elected president, It is totally wrong to throw a shoe at the elected president.

After this in our country Someone through a shoe at the Former cheif Minister Of Sindh during his tenure some are opposed of him throwing shoes on a Former cheif Minister of Sindh. It is again the laws and rules because he was the elected CM. The lack of patients in opposion they are involving in such type of activities ,Now people what Expect from them if they starts fighting without no issue.

Conclusion :

In last i must suggest that they should control their angers they can arise a issue but it should be legal and favour of people


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