Faculty Model Vs Customer Model

Faculty Model Vs Customer Model.


Faculty Model Vs Customer Model

Faculty Model

The department of training they manages and organizes the faculty that is based on the experts, the session is under the supervision of directors, they leads with the help of staffs expertise & proficiency, when they have a knowledge of particular topic after that these expertise are liable to organize and transfer the knowledge with staff members while it should be according to need of staff let’s take the example if a person is manager of finance so we have to provide basic terminologies related to finance rather than provide the other departments knowledge so it’s not the efficiency, Staff members are assets of any organization so when we talk about the finance training session and their terminologies we need to provide them knowledge included auditing, accounting, & cost saving. And when we talk about the “Supply chain Management” the primary role of this expertise would be engaged in every facet of the business process – planning, purchasing, production, transportation, storage & distribution, customer service, and more In short, these skills are the “glue” that connects the different parts of the organization.

Furthermore the benefit of this model is that it has clearly experts in the related field whereas they are providing the training. This method will be helpful that they know about their skills & experts who have the wide range of knowledge. The staff of experts, they readily structured the training programs and it boasts the others knowledge and easily engaged with trainees. The content of this program is clearly decided and its scheduled program as well availability of trainers.

Mostly they aren’t aware regarding business problems and can’t meet the organizational needs it’s like a huge differences as well highly effect on the training programs even though when there is some gap or variation of company they probably can’t fill the gap while the outcomes of this drawback trainees would be de-motivated the reason behind it, the content of program isn’t clear and they probably fail to gauge the competencies there are certain issues like their course content aren’t matched as well organization needs can’t meet while to reduce these circumstances and problems the managers should take the initiative towards the meet the criteria and resolve the training program issue included content and course should be match which they are offering, there should be necessary to know the course of content as well course and content should be important for trainees. The role of managers’ impact on the overall situation of this training program while it can overcome through above mentioned statement along with training programs should be fruitful for the trainees.

Customer Model:

This type of model is created according to needs of customer and the primary responsibility of this model is training department and it’s isolated from division to division the organizers of this program might be liable to provide the particular training related to their information such as HR trainers provide the training related to HR field included compensation & Benefits, Recruitment & Selection as well motivation so these are the primary responsibility of trainers. This type of model is totally different from faculty model since this customer model reduce the disadvantages of faculty model like this model is focuses on the business needs and fill the gap which are required for business as well the trainers have awareness regarding the business issues and problems the basic different between faculty and customer model is similar like faculty model is focusing on the expertise or skills sometime this model is outsourcing or take the supports from external such as consultants and it is in rare cases when there is little bit adapt the strategy then it is require. Trainers have the business knowledge and they constantly update the course of content which is benefited for the trainees and their information sharing is readily attracted to trainees. This model is structured and meaningful for trainees because it is efficient.

Although when we talk about its drawbacks it takes too much time by trainers even though course of contents and topics are related and chances are developed through customers.

The directors of this program is faces the hurdles to look after each program, the reason behind it this may be each field has the their own characteristics so there many fields like marketing, finance, supply chain and Human Resources Management, under this HRM there are many fields included Training and development, Recruitment & Selection, Compensation & Benefits so keeping this overview this may be difficult for training directors that they lead in wide range while within the customer model trainers are like a employees at the area of practical and functional, They are experts as practical but they have lack of knowledge regarding learning environment keeping this all scenario the customer model is fruitful and meaningful but the thing is that it has some drawbacks even though it has insufficient feedback.

For Example

National Bank of Pakistan its big network group that have the department of Human Resource Management inside the organization there many people who are working there and they are highly skillful person in both sense technical as well desirable skills that company needed so this field of HRM is divided into units whereas they have “Training and development” department and these skills will helpful to develop the personal growth as well organization development, T & Dactivityfocusesonknowledgeandskills of all employees which arerequiredwithin a unit of company.