Training Need Assessment Process & Scope

Training Need Assessment Process

Training Need Assessment is the essential part of an organization as for an employee

When there is gap exist between what is required of person to perform job proficiently and what they exactly know so we conduct the Training Need Assessment Process.


Organization Analysis: It is the broader term that interlink between business strategic goals and person analysis, it supports the managers, peers and employees. It determine the training resource provide them material allocating the budget.


Person Analysis: It refers how well an employee is doing the job and who need the training so we have several aspects included:

  1. Person characteristics: It shows the readiness for training their capabilities and abilities.
  2. Input: it refers to provide the material and allocate the budget and it also tells instruct how, what, when opportunities to perform.
  3. Output: It is the expectation of learning and performing.
  4. Consequence: It refers to norms, values benefits and motivation. Accepted standards of behavior for work group members.
  5. Feedback: It is most important whereas information that receive employees


Task Analysis: Examines the skill and knowledge. Task analysis is result in description of work activity. It is specific position requiring for the completion of task under certain conditions.

Scope of Training Need Assessment

  • Organization achieve its goals
  • To determine causes of poor performance
  • To determine content and scope of training
  • It reduces gaps between employee skills and the skills required by the job
  • Total Quality Management
  • To gain management support
  • To ensure the continuing motivation, interest and satisfaction levels of organization staff