Political Victimization in Pakistan

The Current war in Pakistan is arising where the probability of de-stabilize the democratic system by Imran khan (PTI) and Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri while this is whole situation effects on the local people of Pakistan whereas their income is already very low and they will not afford money to purchase anything for their home.

Currently Pakistan is facing unstable situations included: political trembles, energy crises, settlement of IDP’s, Economical condition while Nawaz government is come into power hardly time is passes not more more than 2 years and he become a political victimization and FIR has been registered against sitting Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif and His brother, How fun is this with country Imran khan and Tahir-ul-Qadri is playing the game and gathering the people in Capital city Islamabad for ensuring the systematic way of election according to Imran Khan he declared that election wasn’t fair so demanding for the midterm election and this is the same agenda of Tahir-ul-Qadri, In short I must conclude that for economists and business views; Pakistan People’s Party Government lead by Ex-President of Pakistan Mr.Asif Ali Zardari was good and same as it is going well the Pakistan Muslim League( Nawaz) Governement lead by Current Prime Minster of Pakistan Mr.Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif. Although the appearance of Imran Khan and Tahir-ul-qadri it is hardly short term based not long term based because these aren’t from political background as PPP and PML(N), they belong from Political Background.


4 thoughts on “Political Victimization in Pakistan

      1. ya I am also against the Imran khan and Qadri, as they are using illegal way. but, if we study Nawaz govrnmtn he has not did anything special in his life??? Even Pushtoon hate Punjabies due to Nawaz policies. what do u think, how can we kick out him from governemnt??

      2. Everyone has right to fight for freedom but that is not way to protest on the road and shutdown the whole city which is finally against the country. do u know if country shutdown only for one day then how much losses which survive by the country. we have to be neutral and modern way i am not supporting for any party but referring the JINNAH and ZA Bhutto they were real hero’s of Pakistan. Spread the education and give the awareness of education that is the only way to overcome these hurdles.

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