Leadership comes through the Education – The Charming Personality Jinnah

Leadership comes through the Education – The Charming Personality Jinnah.


Leadership comes through the Education – The Charming Personality Jinnah

Jinnah was the greatest leader he isn’t only well known for Pakistani’s but he is also prominent in all over the world i appreciated his steps he is real pioneer whereas he has taken the best paces in the favor of Pakistan, Today Pakistan is democratic country by the efforts of Jinnah i just want to suggest the politician that they need to study about the Jinnah even if you go to MPA or MNA and ask them that tell me the two best decisions of Jinnah literally they will become puzzled, being a Minority member i have read the achievements of Jinnah that not gives me courage but also provides me the real definition of leadership, I want to defend my country being a Pakistani i have so much onuses that need to be fulfilled i don’t know who is Imran Khan or who is Shareef Khandan i just worried about my country, i am belong to Larkana City in Sindh whereas there are many Hindus do live with fraternity with everyone, i have vision to spread the education in all over the Pakistan because i have seen so much accidents in Pakistan when i asked the poor person during the interview he was the homeless person even he wasn’t  have the money for eating the food i asked him that what is you aim in life or what do you want then suddenly he replied and said that i want to be doctor then i cant control my feelings, i remember the some countries names who provides not only homes for homeless person but also they provides the basic needs of an individual including Home, Education, Clothes each and everything that’s the “Brunei” probably there are so many countries who provides the basic needs.
I am not feeling shame for today’s “Politician” because this trends appeared from 1975. Even though the politicians children’s are getting the admissions in highest school of world like “Karachi Grammar School To Oxford University” but have you ever visualize and think about the poor person who are even couldn’t get the admissions in Local Schools No doubt today is the era of Latest technologies but these technologies restricted for affordable people not only for poor person.
I just wanted to elaborate about the true picture of “Politician” well the think is that 1st take the initiative from ourselves then we have right to say others. Wish you good luck

The Expansion of Human Resources Management

Businesses are rapidly enhancing and improving with the passage of time while the most important factor that directly impact on the “Human Resources Management” whereas there are some challenges such as main essential part of this challenge is Globalization and Technology factors.

Today Markets are rapidly change, we have such an best example that may be quantify the real factor that why most of the organizations cant produce the productivity and benefits, the first think is to lead from the HR department, if HR is working Properly then everything might be best fit within the organization and then divided HR into different aspects or division.

1.Change management
2. Leadership development
3. HR effectiveness measurement
4. Organizational effectiveness
5. Compensation
6. Staffing: Recruitment and availability of skilled local labor
7. Succession planning
8. Learning and development
9. Staffing: Retention
10. Benefits costs: Health & welfare

i have an bad experienced when we talk about the top pakistani businesses they just lead from some restricted area but they have to grow in a broader aspect and divided into many parts.

In modern  time, HRM is moving away from traditional personnel, administration, and transactional roles, which are increasingly outsourced. HRM is now expected to add value to the strategic utilization of employees and that employee programmes impact the business in measurable ways, hence, the new role of HRM involves strategic direction and HRM metrics and measurements to demonstrate value.
With technologies evolving every day, human resources professionals are realizing that the fast-paced, ever-changing digital world impacts the professionals are realizing that the fast-paced, ever-changing digital world impacts their jobs and workplaces—not only today, but in the future.
1. Evaluating Early Adoption
2. Balancing High Tech and High Touch
3. Information Curation
4. Training for Accountability
5. Metrics and Measurement
These are the basic parts it holds the performance of employees within the organization if they perform well then they readily face the hurdles,While many advances have been made in the human resources digital space, there are still new developments to look forward to. These advancements will bring greater opportunities to align human resources with business goals. HR professionals will need to remain aware of these challenges and develop their own strategies to stay within the path of progress.