Survey on The Future of Social Entrepreneurship an empirical study of Universities in Pakistan

Dear Students/Teachers/faculty Members

I hope you are doing well. In an effort to goal of the survey, we are conducting the Survey on “The Future of Social Entrepreneurship– an Empirical study of Universities in Pakistan. Your input can help us therefore I need your cooperation and please spare Few minutes for this survey form.

This survey is  intended  to evaluate and analyse the approach and understanding of Social Entrepreneurship – and empirical study  among students in the Universities  of Pakistan”. This Survey is the part of independent work for academic credentials.Your information will remain confidential and will not be shared with others, except the use for the analysis and findings in the research study. Please spare few minutes  to record your response.


Please open this below link or copy this link to browser and fill this survey form.
Also share this message to your co-workers

Hoping for Favorable Consideration


With Best Regards
Avinash Advani
Independent Researcher


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