Teaching is the Sunnah not the Business



New Picture (1)Teaching is the Sunnah not the Business Everything of this universe, even the fish in the water,  prays for a good teacher (Hadith)


Islam has given so much importance to a teacher in society. Teachers are responsible for the social development and the cause of guiding comportment and mentalities of individuals and communities.  Teachers are irrefutably their pupil’ none such exemplars. Pupils acquire the good traits and sound trends, as well as the righteous behavior and equanimity, from their teachers whose guidance and conducts penetrate to their hearts. On that account, teachers must over discipline themselves and train on virtuous and noble morals and manners to be the best exemplars of their pupils. All professions are equally imperative for the human development. But the teaching is the profession which has lead people on the high way of progress and prosperity. No development had been possible if there had been no teacher.

The importance and nobility of this profession is evident from a tradition of Holy Prophet (Peace by upon Him) in which HE (SAW) says “Allah sent me as a teacher.” Therefore, to teach and educate the community that he was sent to are among his duties of prophet hood. The encouragement of the Quran and Hazrat MOHAMMAD (SAW) increased the desire to write and to learn. People started to go near him and other teachers in order to learn something during his period.  Based on those principles, it will be appropriate to mention the activities of Hazrat MOHAMMAD (SAW) related to teaching.

Teachers should perform their duties with honesty. They should have to work to make their students respectable and honorable persons of society. They also have to work on student ethics beside of educational activities. Teaching not only trains a person for material benefit, but it also arranges moral, spiritual and religious training for students. Let me say that the teaching is the profession which shows man the road which leads him to the Allah.


Ideal teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross, then having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own.” — Nikos Kazantzakis


Today we often hear that students do not give the respect to teachers from my point of you, it’s not the students mistake, it’s from the teacher side that what they deliver them, that  make them to be rude to teachers, we as a teacher has to feel this profession, a Nobel profession, profession of the Prophets, and has to perform duties with sincerity. we should have to deliver up to date knowledge to our students without the fear that they will lead us. if our student will lead in some field of life, then it’s actually  a teacher’s success. So, end my topic with the same title that TEACHING IS A SUNNAH, PERFORM IT WITH HONESTLY WITH A INTENSION TO MAKE THEIR STUDENTS A HONORABLE PERSON OF SOCITY DO NOT MAKE THIS NOBLE PROFESSION A BUSINESS.

”A good teacher teaches his students to respect him: a great teacher teaches them to disagree with his own opinion while respecting him”- Yasir Qadhi


Misbah Hayat Bhatti


Muhammad Hasnat Bhatti




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