Politics – is it Strategy or Business

Politics – is it Strategy or Business.


Politics – is it Strategy or Business

Politics is not a game, but a serious business

Referring to different authors and every author has their own point of views.

Politics is not a game. It is an earnest business (Winston Churchill). Furthermore Otto von Bismarck stated that “Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable — the art of the next best”

As we live in modern world and luckily we are able to access anything like 3G and 4G connectivity whereas we are not only able to watch the talk shows about the politician but also we can conclude the talk shows through the twitter.

The political history commencement since the narrative, ideas, perception and movements approaches. It is true that our past was very much worst but gradually it develop and bolster, our martyrs scarify their lives for making the prospective Pakistan whereas everyone have right to go anywhere, an outstanding Pakistan which grounded on Unity, Faith and Discipline But considering the current situation and circumstances, is this same Pakistan? Does a person have awareness regarding the worth of politics?

Some people believes that Pakistanis politics is broken into different parts and many parties leaders doesn’t considered as a Pakistani citizen due to having the dual nationality, this is true. Political leaders should have focus group and one direction ultimately fills people needs and desire, implement the strategies for the long term not for the short term. Government can’t be run without the bolster and team of people. Pakistan continues to face extraordinary challenges on the security and law enforcement front. The country has suffered greater military, law enforcement, and civilian casualties in fighting extremism and terrorism than almost any other country. In the midst of this difficult security situation, Pakistan’s civilian government remains weak, ineffectual, and corrupt this is merely because of they does politics such as a business, saving and investing in the biggest projects. Why our politician has failed to deliver the people? Due to Uncertain situation politician are failed to make the proper strategies whereas only people must be focused group.

Let me explain one thing which is very essential that in others countries politician, leaders and managers they arrived on time in public meeting where the leaders wait for the people but keeping the example of Pakistani trend the leaders always late comers and people would be waiting for their leaders even 5 and 5 hours waiting…… Is this true politician business earner?

ALAS! In these days, the scenario of Pakistani politics it’s like a win-win situation. The partially government running by PML-N, remaining run by PPP and other parties are fielders who attempting to protect the both stakeholders.

This type of circumstance is very panic for the people of Pakistan and few politicians demolishing the education. Through Education we can change ourselves, we can change our home towns, we can change the mind of others, we can change the people, we can change the society and we can change the Pakistani Politicians.

“The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.”
― John F. Kennedy

Impact of Government Job on Employees Benefits & Competencies

Employees are assets for any organization, measurement of their motivation might not be possible but some organizations has various tools to evaluate the overall performance like 360 degree, Self Reviews, Peer to peer reviews , frequently  absenteeism increases because of de-motivation which is worst for an organization.

Most of the employees prefer their security assurance and they expect a lot from an organization while when we compare Private Job Vs Government Job then usually people prefer to Government job, Governmental jobs have more pleasures and comfort even after the retirement of the employee. The provident fund, gratuity and the pension are the major constituents of the employee’s earning even after his or her retirement. Few of these incentives are also a part of the private jobs but not all of them so this garnishing on the governmental jobs have further attracted the people towards the governmental jobs in Pakistan., I’ve seen many people who have good job and everything they have been provided by company In Private sector but they still believe that Government job is Government Why it is happening there might be many reasons behind it although I have to raise simple Questions that “Are Government Employees Competent and Skillful ? Are they working hard?

If they are competent then why RAILWAY Department is quite failed? Why there is Mismanagement? Are their employees competent and skillful? I am not considering the whole people might be some people would be well educated and proficient but not in majority; this is the primary reason behind failure of RAILWAY when something isn’t lucrative then privatization starts. PIA which is one of the most essential and realistic issue that cannot be neglect, but can you imagine the basic reason according to my study there is lack of management whereas there is over-employment.

Whenever I meet anyone then everyone suggests me that if you want to live in Pakistan then do a government job that will be secure for you, yes no doubt, it is secure but one think we have to remember that we have to work with under the supervisor of incompetent and un-educated person in few government organizations, I prefer the government job but few things we have to scarifies and work with patience.

Behind every problem, solution is always available and political influences should be diminish there is final solution and I believe that those person should be hire in government organization who can achieve the task on the time and competent person must be required in every organizations.

Hopefully Author will raise this issue in broader term and in the form of Research Paper & will presented in conference