Brain Drain’ In Pakistan

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Where smart people go, robust economic(Growth) tend to follow, so we want to keep talent here.

Brain drain is significant emigration of educated or talented individuals. A brain drain can result from turmoil within a nation, from there being better professional opportunities in other countries or from people seeking a better standard of living. Brain drains cause countries to lose valuable professionals. The term is usually used to describe the departure of doctors, scientists, engineers or financial professionals. When these people leave, their country is harmed in two ways. First, expertise is lost with each emigrant, retreating the supply of that profession. Second, the country’s economy is harmed as each professional represents surplus spending units. Professionals often earn large salaries, so their departure removes significant consumer spending from country.

Brain drain can be described as the process in which a country loses its most educated and talented workers to other countries through migration. This trend is considered a severe problem in Pakistan  because the most highly skilled and competent individuals leave this country, and contribute their expertise to the economy of other countries like UK, USA , GERMANY, AUTALIA. According to Pakistan Overseas Employment corporation close to 36000 professional have migrated to other countries. This number in recent year has increased to 45000.  85,000 students have moved from Pakistan for their studies (OECD). This makes  Pakistan 4th most effected country by Brain Drain.

Reasons of Brain Drain in Pakistan:

  • The political instability let the people leave the motherland for a better future with some prediction. There is a dreadful need to assure the man power to remain present in Pakistan. A diplomatic solution should be given a priority to resolve conflicts rather than going to let the people do what they want.
  • Science and technology is an area that is not fully exploited by the Pakistan resources. A less budget for education is the reason in leaking the higher studies which could present the brain drain.
  • Employment discrimination(Discrimination in promotion and appointment) is a biggest cause of brain drain in Pakistan. skilled and talented people are unable to get job and not able to reach the managerial post only because of favoritism and nepotism.
  • Due to the bad security system, people leave this country. Government is not providing the proper security to the people. people cannot move easily, no security for life. this thing force them to go to abroad.
  • due to the lack of excellent research centers and professional researcher, our graduate move to other country.

How to stop Brain Drain:

  • The basic ingredient is creation of opportunities. Talent will naturally flow to Pakistan if it creates an environment for economic growth that makes life easy for enterprise, that attracts and facilitates investment and that nurtures a culture of achievement. Skilled people are drawn to places which offer challenge and possibility.
  • Pakistan must ensure quality of life to people. The reverse brain drain could only be made possible if the government ensures that there is a sense of peace and tranquility in the country and good governance everywhere. For Pakistan, reversing brain drain would mean turning a vicious cycle in to a virtuous one. It will lead to overall development because if great minds come to Pakistan today, things will start happening tomorrow.
  • On the academic front, the government should take measures to improve the research climate. This could be achieved by offering more doctorate programs. Improving the quality of education, research, conference opportunities and travel opportunities may encourage the doctorate students to stay in Pakistan.

our leader deliver lengthy speeches that are really meaningless in the sense of motivation they just talk about infrastructure, but no positive and worthy steps are taken. Our Government never asked from the professional to come back and serve the country. they do not realize them  a part of this country.

Misbah Hayat Bhatti (MS Scholar)

Muhammad Hasnat Bhatti


Survey on The Future of Social Entrepreneurship an empirical study of Universities in Pakistan

Dear Students/Teachers/faculty Members

I hope you are doing well. In an effort to goal of the survey, we are conducting the Survey on “The Future of Social Entrepreneurship– an Empirical study of Universities in Pakistan. Your input can help us therefore I need your cooperation and please spare Few minutes for this survey form.

This survey is  intended  to evaluate and analyse the approach and understanding of Social Entrepreneurship – and empirical study  among students in the Universities  of Pakistan”. This Survey is the part of independent work for academic credentials.Your information will remain confidential and will not be shared with others, except the use for the analysis and findings in the research study. Please spare few minutes  to record your response.


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Avinash Advani
Independent Researcher

Education – A divergent and transformational force

Education is the dynamic force; it is a virtuous indicator to groom an individual personality and maturity level because without education there is no future. People get education by endeavor Education is the key force for everyone because a nation cannot surviveeducation-a-divergent-and-transformational-force-1449214784-6060

without appropriate education. It provides physical and mental standards and transforms people’s living standards.

Everyone Deserves An Equal Rights

The only stable state is the one in which all men are equal before the law.

I’ve objection and sorry to say being a Minority, we’ve not equal rights. I am concerning the Brother of Ramesh Lal who is not only threatening but police isn’t ready to register against culprits whereas my cousin injured by the people of Ramesh Lal in Shahdadkot, Larkana city on 11th November. This is ridiculous and ashamed for us that we’ve these types of politician.
I did approach to DSP and he said that we are helpless because Bhawan B/O of Ramesh Lal doesn’t want to register FIR. f* off these politicians.



A girl is a mother’s pride a father’s deep adoration what is the difference of importance So undue? For a girl, the mutuality of parentage eschew”


Gender discrimination is widely debated issue, especially in Pakistan. This issue affected our economic growth. Even though government has made some laws but making laws is not enough. We should bring them to practice. The NGO’S and other social organizations, they are working on national and international level should make their best efforts in this regard.

Discrimination among women starts from their childhood. They are not allowed to play with boys though they are helpful for their mental and physical growth. Sexual harassment including rape is one of the most common crimes in Pakistan. The human rights commission has stated that after every three hours a rape is occur. The Islamic law Hadood (limits) ordinance has appealed against the provision of Pakistan Islamic code related to rape cases. This law requires the evidence of four male Muslims in order to five punishments to accused person; otherwise raped women cannot testify that the crime is committed against her. In these cases about 50% women in Pakistan jails and are waiting for their fate.

Discrimination in Pakistan is mostly done based on gender. .especially the females are discriminated due to our socio-culture problems. In our country, especially in NWFP, Baluchistan, Sindh and our rural Punjab discrimination rate is very high. In these area women are killed on honour. (which is known as “karo-kari” in Sindh),A woman who is perceived as being “disobedient” to her husband or the husband’s family may also fall victim to an honour killing, or may be badly battered, burned by fire, or disfigured by acid attacks. Women are not permitted to go to market in order to purchase daily use product. They have no right to get education; even they have not given the right to caste vote. This narrow minded approach has affected the mindsets of women so badly in such areas that they just kept intact in house. Early marriages to old and mature men are also one example of gender discrimination in Pakistan. The women are considered to born only for the sake of marriage and later controlling and upbringing the family.

In our country, Pakistan very difficult to survive for a women. Due to discrimination they have not given priority to get jobs. If she gets the job chances of her promotion to a higher position are very low as compared to male. At the work place they do not get the equal rights as a male has. In Pakistan laws are made but not implemented Equal employment opportunity describes that there should be no discrimination based on gender, race etc. but unfortunately, this law is violated in most of the organizations in Pakistan.

In other provinces like sindh, marriage with Quran is common practice although it is illegal, still it’s happen there. Women are forced to live without marrying throughout their life. This is mostly done to grab the property of sisters and daughters or to keep to keep the property from division or going outside the family. Women are not given properly right to get their share from property. As in QURAN it is mentioned.


Quotation from ‘Unveiling Islam’,

In apportioning inheritance, a woman should receive half of what a man receives;” (Surah 4:11)

Similarly women in Pakistan are 28% of the total labour force and they generate 40% of the production, but in Pakistan female workers are given a very less pay as compared to males. Similarly women are not provided proper health facilities in rural areas although 70% of the population of our country belongs to rural areas. In Pakistan, as family system is patriarchal so they have always to compromise in all matters of life with the decisions taken by male members.

Women in USA UK and European countries are provided proper health education and employment opportunities. Research conducted in USA, according to this research, females working in America media receive almost half salary for the same amount of work as compared to men. Through providing equal employment opportunities, they are not only contributing to their society, but also positively affecting their economies.

In Pakistan women participation in politics is not encourages by society.

If we want to see our country developed, we need to resolve all social issues regarding gender discrimination. One thing should remember that ALLAH has created different physical characteristic of both genders, but has given equal mental capacity to both men and women.

First,Economic empowerment is thus the key to eliminating gender discrimination in society. Designing a gender-responsive employment promotion policy is the need of the hour. The wasteful discrimination that blights the developmental potential of our country needs to be removed to spur economic growth and development.There are multiple ways to improve gender balance in the country which will enhance the non-traditional security and for reducing gender discrimination against females and providing them equal chances at the work place and in the society. First, the constitution of the Pakistan guarantees equal rights to all its citizens and so many laws guarantee equal chances of employment to both sexes; but neither government nor private organizations are acting upon those laws. Therefore a committee comprising of Judges, Representative of Ministry of Women Development, Media, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Civil Society and Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), should be constituted to inspect and investigate the matters of gender discrimination in work force.

Second, Government through media must start a mass awareness campaign on gender discrimination in employment. Especially the female employees must be informed about their rights and privileges. Third, NGOs should also come forward and highlight the cases of gender discrimination and help and support the victimized female employees in getting justice. Fourth, government should compel both public and private organizations to prepare annual reports regarding their human resource development. In that report they show how many male and female employees were appointed in the last year, what is the proportion of male and female employees in their total employment and government must appoint the females in each organization with the right proportion of their availability in the labour market and thus correct the past number mistake in employment. Fifth, there is a need to invest more and more on female education because they are more than half of population in the country, and effort should be made by the government for entering more female in management and decision making posts in employment.

The main question arises who is responsible for this gender discrimination, our government orwe.

Misbah Hayat Bhatti (

Muhammad Hasnat Bhatti (

Politics – is it Strategy or Business

Politics is not a game, but a serious business

Referring to different authors and every author has their own point of views.

Politics is not a game. It is an earnest business (Winston Churchill). Furthermore Otto von Bismarck stated that “Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable — the art of the next best”

As we live in modern world and luckily we are able to access anything like 3G and 4G connectivity whereas we are not only able to watch the talk shows about the politician but also we can conclude the talk shows through the twitter.

The political history commencement since the narrative, ideas, perception and movements approaches. It is true that our past was very much worst but gradually it develop and bolster, our martyrs scarify their lives for making the prospective Pakistan whereas everyone have right to go anywhere, an outstanding Pakistan which grounded on Unity, Faith and Discipline But considering the current situation and circumstances, is this same Pakistan? Does a person have awareness regarding the worth of politics?

Some people believes that Pakistanis politics is broken into different parts and many parties leaders doesn’t considered as a Pakistani citizen due to having the dual nationality, this is true. Political leaders should have focus group and one direction ultimately fills people needs and desire, implement the strategies for the long term not for the short term. Government can’t be run without the bolster and team of people. Pakistan continues to face extraordinary challenges on the security and law enforcement front. The country has suffered greater military, law enforcement, and civilian casualties in fighting extremism and terrorism than almost any other country. In the midst of this difficult security situation, Pakistan’s civilian government remains weak, ineffectual, and corrupt this is merely because of they does politics such as a business, saving and investing in the biggest projects. Why our politician has failed to deliver the people? Due to Uncertain situation politician are failed to make the proper strategies whereas only people must be focused group.

Let me explain one thing which is very essential that in others countries politician, leaders and managers they arrived on time in public meeting where the leaders wait for the people but keeping the example of Pakistani trend the leaders always late comers and people would be waiting for their leaders even 5 and 5 hours waiting…… Is this true politician business earner?

ALAS! In these days, the scenario of Pakistani politics it’s like a win-win situation. The partially government running by PML-N, remaining run by PPP and other parties are fielders who attempting to protect the both stakeholders.

This type of circumstance is very panic for the people of Pakistan and few politicians demolishing the education. Through Education we can change ourselves, we can change our home towns, we can change the mind of others, we can change the people, we can change the society and we can change the Pakistani Politicians.

“The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.”
― John F. Kennedy

Why I Hate Pakistan?

Why I hate Pakistan


Pakistan is independent since fifty years back but perceptiveness is still immature we are in modern world whereas everyone has right to serve their lives with freedom but I feel whenever I visited some places in located in part of country under the controversy which is created by some fanatic type person so they usually ask with negative perception that “ You…..You are belong to this religion………..Ohhhh” this would be create me painful so what If I am belong to minority based community I am by birth Pakistani, I never hesitate to show my identification infect I feel proud to being a Pakistani & I am huge capable to serve the humanity like “Comrade Sobho Gianchandani” (My Mother’s Uncle) had served for the humanity and Pakistan. My mother who always says to me that leaves the Pakistan but I always attempts to deprived and ignored because my grandfather wasn’t leave the Pakistan like cowards My life doesn’t dependent on any person I can fight for freedom and fight for Pakistan there are many Hindus who contributed their efforts towards the success of Pakistan like

Sobho Gianchandani who was born on 3 May 1920 to a Hindu family in Bundi village near the famous archaeological site of Mohenjo-Daro in Larkana district, Sindh province. He went to school in Larkana and Karachi. Later he studied fine arts at a university set up by Rabindranath Tagore at Shantiniketan, his native village in West Bengal. In a subsequent interview, Gianchandani said he had espoused communism during his time at this university. He said Tagore, who was then in his late 70s, used to call him “the man from Mohenjo-Daro”. In 1942, Gianchandani participated in the Congress-led anti-British Quit India movement, and was arrested for the first time. He was repeatedly jailed for his views and politics during a political career that lasted until the mid-1960s. But he continued as an ideologue, intellectual and writer of several books. Another example is “Justice Rana Bhagwan Das” Honorable Mr. Justice Rana Bhagwandas, is one of the highly respected names of the Pakistani judiciary system. He served Pakistani judiciary as a senior judge & former acting C.J.P (Chief justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan). In 2007, he remained as acting Chief justice of Pakistan during the judicial crisis in Pakistan & he also became the acting C.J.P (Chief Justice of Pakistan) during 2005 & 2006 when the incumbent Chaudhry Iftikhar Muhammad went for foreign trip and that’s when Rana Bhagwandas, became the 1st Hindu & the 2nd non-Muslim to serve as chief of the highest court in Pakistan. In 1965 He joined the bar council & after practicing law for 2 years, in 1967 he joined the Pakistani Judicial System. Later on he became a session’s judge, & afterwards he went on to become judge of the Sindh High Court. In 1994 Honorable justice Rana Bhagwandas was promoted to the Sindh High Court.

Furthermore concluding on the “Jogendra Nath Mandal”, he was born on 29th Jan 1904 was greatest command as well leading Founding Father of modern state of Pakistan, along with legislator serving as country’s first minister of law and labor, and also was second minister of commonwealth and Kashmir affairs. An Indian and later Pakistani statesman who served as the first minister of law and labor in Pakistan. As leader of the Scheduled Castes, Jogendranath had made common cause with the Muslim League in their demand for Pakistan, hoping that the Scheduled Castes would be benefited from it and joined the first cabinet in Pakistan as the Minister of Law and Labor. After than he has resigned from ministry and migrated to India

My love is not limited for Pakistan as I explained that I am patriotic Pakistan and being a patriotic Pakistani there is no need to show identification I stand by the people of Pakistan who are not able to get the justice

Rigorously I want to make the united nation whereas Education would be primary responsibility for everyone. I am not able to see the eradication of education I still remember the “PESHAWAR INCIDENT”, which made me quite wretched and didn’t sleep whole night for this monster attacked it wasn’t only attacked on the school boys but it also attacked on whole students who are getting the education in all over the Pakistan or outside of Pakistan.

There are many people who fought for freedom but can we say that we are democratic nation, we are still un-democratic and we need to make sure that Pakistan is one nation and there are four strong phases that nobody can demolish. We will fight till the end of death and we will rebuild the Pakistan spread the education in all over the world we will make a prospective Pakistan

Education is a key to success considering this thoughts and vision we will move forward in order the make the Quaid’s Pakistan.

Avinash Advani

MBA/MS (HR) & Researcher